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Upcycled Oui jars, candle ends and beeswax. It’s more minimal waste than zero, but it made for a productive quarantine afternoon.


Upcycled Oui jars, candle ends and beeswax. It’s more minimal waste than zero, but it made for a productive quarantine afternoon.


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  1. Thanks for all the feedback guys♡ all of your ideas are great too! And thank you very much for not being mad about the plastic wrap they’re sitting on.. we are still in the process of using up the leftover plastic wrap and ziplocks. You know, we’re trying, just baby steps!

  2. Those labels peel off really easily if you want a neutral look.

  3. *You took me by the hand…*

  4. So cool ! I always wondered what to do with those jars.

  5. I love these jars for candles! if you want clear jars, the labels peel off pretty easy and the glue residue, if any, can be scrubbed off with steel wool.

  6. be careful where you burn them/put something heatproof underneath! I made some and they ended up melting the top of a plastic tables

  7. Next step: scent each candle based on their previous yogurt flavor.

  8. There’s no oui without u and i.

    These are cute ☺️
    And handy for power outages.

  9. So cute! I’ve thought about planting tiny succulents in my jars when we get to the other side of the quarantine. I might steal your idea though!

  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but Yoplait sells reusable lids for these! They come in clear and dark blue. I think a 4 pack is $3.99 🙂

  11. “Ouí by me”. Watch out Jan, I’m coming for you.

  12. I use those jars to put mouth wash in and gargle after brushing my teeth. Don’t have to use those wasteful plastic cups.

  13. I shit you not I did the same thing, the yogurt is so good and the jars are perfect for this!

  14. God I wish I could find the dairy free oui yogurts around me, those jars are so freaking cute!!! Wonderful candles 🙂 I love the scent of beeswax candles.

  15. Where do you buy waste free/minimal waste candle wicks?

  16. I use these jars for candles, too! They have such a lovely shape to them, and when you remove the labels they look just like store-bought candles. I use soy wax at home, which I really like. How do you like working with beeswax?

  17. Peel the labels! Submit the code!

  18. Really wish the jars had lids!

  19. The maple one is so good

  20. I reuse these jars for candles, too.

  21. I am obsessed with this yogurt and these jars!!

  22. Not sure if this is general knowledge but I’ve recently discovered that if you have wax left in a jar after it’s burnt out you can get it out by putting boiling water in and leaving it over night, it all floats to the top and you can break it out. You can then use it in one of those oil burners if its fragrenced, or use it to make more candles!

  23. we use ours as emergen-c glasses.

    i like your idea.

  24. Can you link to the materials please? 🙂

  25. You can easily remove sticky labels with the help of a hairdryer! Put it on high and it’ll loosen up any adhesive on the label 🙂

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