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Get yourself a MASSIVE 1kg Megabox from Neary’s Sweets. Contains every single one of our sweets! Treat the whole family tonight. Huddersfield Delivery every night from 7pm until 10pm

Milkbar Buttons, Cadburys Buttons, Fudge, Oreo’s, Freddo, Smarties, White Mice, Refreshers, Drumsticks, Love Hearts, Parma-voilets & Lollies.

Topped up with our WHOLE SWEET SELECTION!

Sour Shocker Laces
Cola Bottles
Blue Babies
Sour Cherries
Fizzy Strawbs
Red/Black Cola Bottles
Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Dummies
Hard Gums
Raspbery Kubes
Pineapple Kubes
Kola Kubes
Rhubarb & Custard
Pear Drops
Strawberry & Cream
Rosey Apples
Bubblegum Balls
Strawberry Hearts
Blue Raspberry Bottles
Bubblegum Bottles
Cola Bottles
Little Teeth
Watermelon Bottles
Watermelon Slices
Fizzy Gummy Bears
Strawberry Puffs
Twin Cherries

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Weight 1.1 kg


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Dietary sweet specialists based in Huddersfield. We cater for small treats, weddings & birthdays. Contact us for more information on our packages.

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