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How do I strain homemade oat milk I want to use for my coffee?


I didn‘t really know where else to ask this, so sorry if this is the wrong subreddit.

I‘ve been trying to make my own oat milk twice now. The first time I used one of those thin laundry bags, the second time I used a kitchen towel. Both times it didn’t strain through fine enough so it separated in my coffee (which is the main thing I wanna use it for).
Do any of you have suggestions, what I could use to get the best results? Also, do you have any other tips to get the best homemade oat milk to put in coffee? I‘m really thankful for any advice!


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  1. Cheese cloth! And double strain it.

  2. You can also use an old tights. I use a fine mesh grocery bag to do mine. It works just fine !

  3. I have a nutmilk bag. I bought it cheaply years ago. Works a charm!

  4. I have a Soybella, a soymilk maker that makes other milks. It really makes it so much easier than straining through fabric, which is what we used to do. I know buying a product isn’t exactly zero waste, but this purchase made it so much easier to make our own milk and have a lot more time for other stuff, so I thought I’d mention it as an option! Less waste than buying jugs from the store!

  5. I’ve used a mesh strainer. Takes a bit more work to push the pull down to “juice it” then remove it, but it works.

  6. the thing about heating up homemade oat milk is that it congeals to be rather thick when you heat it up. usually try to mix it with another plant milk, or use something similar to [this recipe](! for me, the whole point of making oat milk rather than nut milk is saving money though, so I just use cold oat milk in my morning latte 🙂

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