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Hey Everyone! 🌱

I was wondering if it’s alright for me to be part of this community.

I’m a 23 year old guy who likes videogames, cooking, and being frugal!

I’m not technically ‘ZeroWaste’, but if I were to rate myself on a scale from 1-100, (1 being completely wasteful and 100 being ZW) I’d be an 85. (You can ask more specific questions to truly gauge if I’m more or less ZW)

Although I consume animal products, I like/respect vegans/vegetarians (mainly ones who do it for ethical and ecological reasons rather than just dietary) and I aspire to be 100% vegan whenever I become financially comfortable.

I’d say my Diet mainly consists of:
11.1% Meat
22.2% Dairy
33.3% Grains
33.3% Fruits and Vegetables
95% Water
2.5% Almond Milk
2.5% Social Drinks
And I *finish* all of my meals 99% of the time!

The thought of single-use plastics disgusts me and it’s been two years since I’ve ignorantly used them. I also try to convince friends and family to be less wasteful whenever I can/appropriate.

I hope I can become a better follower of ZeroWaste!

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  1. Nice to see someone else who likes video games in the community 🙂 if you ever want help making cheap vegan food hit me up!

  2. Welcome, dude! Zero waste is the ideal, not the reality, we’re all just trying to get as close as we can.

    BTW, nothing cheaper than rice and beans! There are lots of tasty cheap vegan recipes out there just a google (and by that I mean Ecosia) away. If you make your staples whole foods you’ll probably even have some funds left over for the more expensive substitutes if that’s your kind of thing.

  3. You are definitely alright to be part of the community! Like it says in the sidebar “Being “zero waste” means that we adopt steps towards **reducing** personal waste and **minimizing** our environmental impact.” It doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect from the start.

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