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Celebrate Earth Day with us! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We invite YOU to plant your Elate seed paper …


Celebrate Earth Day with us! ⁠⠀
We invite YOU to plant your Elate seed paper packaging today and tag us so we can share the fun! Involve your little ones and make it an interactive educational experience! ⁠⠀
Things you’ll need:⁠⠀
Elate seed paper packaging ⁠⠀
Small-medium bowl⁠⠀
A spoon (or just let them use their fingers)⁠⠀
A small plant pot, or plot of dirt in your yard⁠⠀
How to plant your seed paper packaging:⁠⠀
Have your child write one thing they love about the Earth on the seed paper⁠⠀
Soak seed paper in a bowl of water for an hour⁠⠀
Dig a hole ⅛ inch deep in the dirt⁠⠀
Place seed paper in shallow hole⁠⠀
Cover with a thin layer of dirt and even out surface⁠⠀
Pour remaining water over dirt⁠⠀
Wait 3-4 weeks to watch your wildflowers bloom! ⁠⠀
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  1. Happy Earth Day 🌏 This is awesome!

  2. I love this ❤️😍❤️

  3. What exactly are the seeds that are included? Since you guys ship to various places, will they be invasive to any locations?

  4. Such fun thank you 💗

  5. Dunno why, but this photo gives me so much hope! Beautiful, thank you for sharing this #earthday2020

  6. Love this!! ❤️👏

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