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Bulk bins – Pandemic edition


Bulk bins – Pandemic edition


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  1. Fyi I’ve seen a lot of pics of empty bulk bins on facebook as if everyone is suddenly panic buying tons of trail mix – in most places this is not the case. The bins at a lot of stores were emptied weeks ago in order to minimize the spread of the virus with so many people touching the scoops or pulls for these. Not sure what the case was at your store considering it’s half and half but thought it was worth noting!

  2. I really wish the bulk bins where I shop were these gravity ones! I would actually use them. Unfortunately, they’re all the standard scoop ones. They’re so unhygienic…people (especially kids) are constantly reaching their grubby hands in to steal a bite.

  3. I was gravity fed as a child. My mother and I have never bonded.

  4. as someone with an allergy, these would allow me to shop in bulk without the risk of contamination

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